Udaynarayanpur Madhabilata Mahavidyalaya

ESTD. 2006

Affiliated to Calcutta University
Ph. No.(03214- 291061)
E-Mail Id- principalumm@gmail.com

Udaynarayanpur : Howrah : West Bengal- 711226

Healthy Practices

NO.1: Make your campus green- The College is located in an open field on a land of 5.49 areas. The building area covers only a very small part of the land. The entire campus gave a deserted look with no sign of trees, shades and shadows when classes began in the college’s own building in 2009. In the days of summer students, staff could not escape from scorching heat even under roofs. So it was planned to take initiatives for plantation of large scale.
In each year institution undertakes plantation programme. Sometimes plants and saplings are supplied by local Panchayet samity and sometimes steps are taken to purchase them. In 2014 a special programme of plantation was undertaken at the instruction of local MP to make campus environment friendly.
Remarkable success has been achieved in making a green campus within a very few years. Sustained efforts enable us to overcome various constraints in plantation programme within the campus. The deserted look of the campus of 5 years ago is now a days of past. Students can sit and take rest under the shadows created by the trees planted on the banks of the pond. Plants and trees on both sides of the approach road to the main building also give a beautiful look and it earns praise from visitors. The trees on some sides of the campus boundary have grown up and thereby help to create a demarcation of the College boundary. Our earnest efforts, indeed, yield some positive results. There are green trees and plants all around the College campus. In this drive to make the campus green students and staff participate whole-heartedly.

NO.2: Prevention of drop out: The trend of higher education in the present day West Bengal reveals high rate of drop out. Students leave the institution after taking admission before completion of the course. While the national target is to raise the Gross Environment Ratio (GER) to 30 per cent from the present level of about 19 per cent, the high dropout rates is really a serious obstacle to achieve the target. In the interest of the growth of higher education and to increase the supply of educated and skilled persons for the growing economy it is our aim to prevent the drop outs through adoption of effective measures. We have set our targets to reduce the dropout rate to below 10 per cent from its existing level of about 20 per cent within 3 years.