Udaynarayanpur Madhabilata Mahavidyalaya

ESTD. 2006

Affiliated to ‘The University of Calcutta’
Ph. No.7872430031
E-Mail Id- principalumm@gmail.com

Udaynarayanpur : Howrah : West Bengal- 711226

Vision, Mission & Objectives

Keeping in view of aim and objectives of the founders of this institution the following vision, mission and objectives have been set. They are as follows –

Vision: - Vision Fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of higher education of the youth, especially girls, by inculcating in them the knowledge and skills necessary for further academic progress and for employment.

Mission: - 1. To provide the students with adequate infrastructural facilities and learning resources, including classrooms, laboratories, toilets, books, equipments, etc, and to promote the gross enrolment ratio (GER) and the teaching-learning process in the college.
2. To introduce subjects and courses commensurate with the need and demand of the locality, the capacity and infrastructure of the college, and the profile of the students.
3. To provide quality teaching in a friendly and healthy environment.
4. To review the progress through various mechanisms including evaluation of learning outcome, self-evaluation of the faculty, and collection of feedback from the students and the guardians.

Objectives: - In To materialize its vision and to fulfill its mission, the college has set certain objectives, such as:
1. To mobilize resources and funding from all available sources including the State Government, the Department of Higher Education, the University Grants Commission, the local area development funds of the MLA and the MP, etc.
2. To utilize the available funds to fulfill immediate needs such as the construction of classrooms and laboratories, and purchase of necessary materials including books for the library, equipments for the laboratories, benches and cupboards, sports equipments, etc.
3. To promote critical and research-oriented thinking in the students by providing access to top academic journals and proper guidance through the Research Committee.
4. To upgrade the pedagogical method with the help of modern technology by necessary use of digital classrooms.
5. To pursue the concerned authorities for creation of new teaching posts and the post of a librarian and quick filling up of the existing vacancies in teaching posts.
6. To recruit adequate number of non-teaching staff to facilitate the office works.
7. To pay proper attention to the needs and demands of the students, such as grievance redressal and counselling, and provide special care for the problems faced by the female students.
8. To create a conducive atmosphere and adequate facilities for refreshment and creative leisure activities for the students.
9. To facilitate the development of various extra-curricular faculties of the students for the creation of a resourceful cultural environment and for the all-round nurturing of the human faculties of the students.
10. To create an eco-friendly campus by regular plantation programmes.
11. To develop a sound academic culture in the institution by fostering cordial and friendly relationship among the staff and the students.