Udaynarayanpur Madhabilata Mahavidyalaya

ESTD. 2006

Affiliated to Calcutta University
An Institution Accredited by ‘NAAC’
Ph. No.(03214- 291061)
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Udaynarayanpur : Howrah : West Bengal- 711226

IQAC Meeting Minutes

Student Satisfaction Survey

  1. Feedback results analysis
  2. B. A.-B.Sc General (2nd year) Feedback Report
  3. Feedback Report of 1stYear(H) of Sanskrit Department-2018
  5. Feedback Report Analysis of BA First Year
  6. Feedback Report of 3rd Year(H) of Sanskrit Department-2018
  7. STUDENTS FEEDBACK REPORT 2017-18 (1st Year Students)
  8. STUDENTS FEEDBACK REPORT 2017-18 (2nd Year Students)
  9. Summary of the Student Feedbacks
  11. Report on SSS 2019-20
  12. Summary Report of Students' Feedback, 2019-2020
IQAC Meeting Minutes
A meeting of IQAC was held on 31-07-2018 at 2:30 pm with following agendas:-
  1. Discussion on Teacher’s Performance evaluation report
  2. Discussion on students feedback
  3. Planning and preparation of AQAR-II
Discussion :-
  1. The meeting started with observation made by Principal based on collected copies of Teacher’s self evaluation report. His observation included there was discrepancies about mentioning total days attended; some of have not mentioned as per academic days( July-June) , they have followed annual system  ( January- December).   The committee decided to ask for a revised count from faculties.
  2. This was further followed by issue regarding number of classes taken in digital classroom. Principal noted that It is unclear from the self-appraisal report that whether the faculties used only projector or also e-learning method. Thus a detailed explanation was needed to further to understand actual use of ICT method in teaching and learning in college.
  3. The meeting continued with discussion of summary of feedback reports collected from 2nd year and 3rd year students.
  4. The students feedback could be summed up in the following points :-
  5. Students are overall satisfied with syllabus covered / internal examination taken/ and overall cooperation they get from the college.
  6. Their parents/guardian also expressed their satisfaction about course or classes.
  7. The major issues raised by the students were not having enough number of books in library; less number of books for music department; need for equipments in Physical Education department; demand for more number of digital classes in History department; not enough classes taken in Bengali dept. 
  8. They also expressed their concern about sanitation and hygiene of bathrooms.
  9. Further they reported canteen and common room facility is not enough for all the students.
  10. Based on the feedback the committee decided to talk to individual department Head regarding the issues raised and also to call for a meeting of library advisory committee and need for appointment of new cleaning person should be taken up in upcoming governing body meeting.
  11. The third agenda was about planning and preparation of AQAR-II. The new format of AQAR was discussed in details and the work as per parts of AQAR was divided among following faculties  and officials–
  12. Part A – Snehasree Saha and Dr. Arabinda Ghsoh
  13. Part B-  Dr. Mousumi Samanta and Debalina Singha
  14. Part C- Debalina Singha , Sreemoyee Banerjee and Dr. Kanad Sinha
  15. Part 4 – Snehasree Saha , Sukhendu Chandra and Anjana Das.
  16. Part 5 – Najrul Islam Mallick and Nilima Chatterjee
  17. Part 6 and 7 – Dr. Arabinda Ghosh
At the end, the committee asked Coordinator, IQAC to coordinate with all  and compile the data for preparation of AQAR.

Date :- 28/08/2018
Members present-
  1. Dr. Arabinda Ghosh
  2. Dr. Mousumi Samanta
  3. Sreemoyee Banerjee
  4. Nilima chakroborty
  5. Najrul Islam Mullick
  6. Dr. Kanad Sinha
  7. Anjana Das
  8. Rahul Dey
  9. Barna Karar
  1. To review the progress of AQAR-II;
  2. To consider to the situation related to illness of IQAC Coordinator
  3. Miscellaneous
Minutes :-
  1. Dr. Kanad Sinha , Assistant Professor and HOD History, is invited as an invitee member  for this meeting.
  2. Regarding preparation of AQAR-II, it is decided that all faculties will mention their participation details in meetings/workshops / seminars attended for preparation and modification of under-graduate syllabus organized by UG- Board of studies, University of Calcutta.
    Secondly, it is decided to mention introduction of Spoken English course for students in AQAR-II as certificate course.
    Thirdly, progression of AQAR-II will be monitored in another meeting which will be arranged within two weeks.
  3. The IQAC Coordinator post was tentatively assigned to Prof.Sreemoyee Banerjee, Assistant Professor and HOD, Bengali during the period of illness of current coordinator.

Date :- 25/09/2018
Members present-
  1. Dr. Arabinda Ghosh
  2. Dr. Mousumi Samanta
  3. Sreemoyee Banerjee
  4. Debleena Ghosh
  5. Nilima chakroborty
  6. Snehasree Saha
  7. Goutam Bakuli
  8. Anjana Das
  9. Rahul Dey
  1. Finalization of AQAR-II
  2. Discussion on Feedback reports o f first year students of 2017-2018
  3. Proposal of special lecture of different cell
  4. Proposal of formation of different societies by the students
  5. Miscellaneous
Minutes :-
  1. AQAR-II is compiled and placed in the meeting. It is decided to place the report before governing body for approval.
  2. Feedback reports of students are discussed and summarized. It is decided that IQAC coordinator will discuss summarized comments with departmental heads respectively and will take necessary action.
  3. IQAC committee members decided to organize special lectures under supervision of Dr. Mousumi Samanta on Moral and Ethical Values , Sreemoyee Banerjee, on Gender Sensitization, Snehasree Saha on Students Support Service.
  4. Further, students representative of the cell raises the issue of the need for that larger classrooms. All members agree with this point and it is decided to place this issue in next meeting of Governing Body.
  5. The Committee approves the formation of different societies by the students.

Date :- 15.02.19
  1. Preparation and planning of AQAR-iii
  2. Discussion on feedback reports of IIIrd year students of 2018-19
  3. Discussion on Prize Distribution (Academic and Cultural)
  4. Miscellaneous
  1. IQAC members discussed the areas which can be improved/organized for the preparation of AQAR-III.
  2. i) The college IQAC will contact the IQAC of The University of Calcutta for further clarification on certain aspects such as office management system and AAA (Academic and Administrative audit).
    ii) The IQAC will focus on the enhancement of the faculty members via e-content preparation, enrollment in e-pathshala,SWAYAM,maintainance of ICT records.
    iii) The IQAC will further focus on the development of students capability through career counseling courses, skill development courses and students exchange programmes.
    iv) IQAC will collaborate with cultural committee to observe International Mother Language Day and International Women’s Day.
    v) The NSS unit of the college will be assigned to bear the responsibility to conduct an awareness programme on AIDS.
  3. There was a detailed discussion on preparing plastic-free campus. It was decided that no plastic packets and bags will be used in college campus and such signboards will be displayed throughout the college premises.
  4. Students’ Feedback reports, prepared by the faculty members, were discussed thoroughly. The students demanded bigger classrooms which were approved by the members and it is decided to place the issue before the GB.
  5. It is recommended that online feedback survey may be introduced from next session for better circulation and maintenance of feedback records.
  6. To resolve the issue of book shortage and misplacement, it is decided to discuss the matter with library committee for implementation of library fine.
  7. It is decided that the prize distribution ceremony will be held on 20.03.19 on the occasion of ‘Vasanta Utsav’. The teachers of different departments will take the responsibility of academic awards and the students union will give the prizes of cultural competition and annual sports held during the current academic session.

Date :- 09/12/2016
  1. Discussion on follow –up and evaluation of last meetings Resolution
Members -
The meeting is presided by Dr. A. Ghosh, Principal, Udaynarayanpur Madhabilata Mahavidyalaya and following members attended the meeting-
  1. Dr. Mousumi Samanta, Asst Professor, Dept. of Philosophy
  2. Debleena Singh,Asst Professor, Dept. of Geography
  3. Snehasree Saha,Asst Professor, Dept. of Food & Nutrition & Co-ordinator
  4. Sreemoyee Banerjee,Asst Professor, Dept. of Bengali
  5. Nilima Chakroborty, Approved Part-time Teacher, Dept. of Sanskrit
  6. Nazrul Islam Mallick,Approved Part-time Teacher, Dept. Of Political Sciences
  7. Anjana Das, cashier, Udaynarayanpur Madhabilata Mahavidyalaya
  8. Gautam Bakuli, Governing Body Nominee as Local representative
  1. This meeting was convened with the agenda to evaluate and review progress of tasks undertaken in last meeting. This includes introduction of wi-fi space in college, organise seminar to improve research ability among faculties, and to conduct computer training course for faculties, registration of phone number of final year students collecting feedback form from all students and convener of IQAC submited her report in this regard.
  2. It is learnt that IQAC and research committee has successfully arranged workshop entilted ‘ Promotion of Research culture among faculties’ which was divided in two parts lecture, a lecture by Dr. Suvankar Chakraborty, Associate professor, P.K.H.N. Mahavidyalaya , who spoke on role of IQAC in development of the institution , also explained role of institute in extension activity and in innovation; and Dr Ballarai Roy Choudhuri, Associate Professor, Gokhale Memorial Girls' College who explained how to incorporate research activity along within our daily teaching schedule.
  3. The institute also arranged for computer training course which will in turn strengthened computer knowledge of its faculty to use ICT technology for teaching and learning. This was done with collaboration of webel, Udaynarayanpur Branch. Total 8 classes were held.
  4. As decided we have collected innovative plans for each department to improve class attendance and reduce drop-out. Most of the department have suggested use of ICT technology and field visit, excursion for making the learning more enjoyable. There is also suggestion to invite Ex-students, who are successful in different fields, to share their stories for encouraging them.
  5. Feedback forms were collected from all three year students and they were distributed subject to the departmental heads for a summary report. After careful analysis of the summary we found major appreciation was received for holding of regular classes, class-tests, co-operative mentality of faculties and office, discipline of the college but major problems were found to be in water crisis and lack of books in library. Currently we have installed another submersible pump for better supply of drinking water in the college building. This year new order for books were placed too for each department (total-1440) to improve stocks of library books.

Parents – Teachers Meeting
This year the institute decided to arrange open discussion forum with parents along with college administration and faculties. Students who scored less than 35% marks in qualifying examination and attended less than required percentage were asked to attend the meeting with their respective parents.
The meeting was held in presence of Mr. Samir Kumar Panja President, Governing Body, Dr. A. Ghosh, Principal of the college, faculties of various department and non-teaching staff. More than 150 parents attended the meeting.
The meeting began with a brief by Principal, Dr. A. Ghosh. He told about the necessity and objective of the meeting to the parents present in the meeting. He also explained new regulation of university exams and why regular attendance and higher marks are necessary from 1st year itself. Then he invited Sreemoyee Banerjee , Prof and HoD , Department of Bengali, to declare results of each subjects. After this Principal invited comments from parents. Prof. Snehasree Saha, Asst prof, Food & Nutrition, moderated this section. Many of the parents welcomed college authority for organising such forum and allowing them take part in the discussion. Few parents took up specific issues like illness, marriage of daughters, long gaps within classes etc. All these questions and concerns were individually addressed by the college authority.
Finally President summed up the meeting by addressing the audience and declared very low marks and attendance can stop student from sending to the university examination. He also requested all parents to be in constant touch with college for betterment of their children.